16.01.2022 21:01:10


16. Jan. 2022
13:00 - 15:00 Uhr

Boda Borg Zürich
Oberglatterstrasse 35
8153 Rümlang

DATE: 16.01 TIME: 13.00 LOCATION: BODA BORG (RIEDMATT CENTRE, RÜMLANG) Our group regularly plays escape games, and this time we will be doing at it a bit differently while visiting Boda Borg Quests. Questing is very similar to escape games, but it has few bonuses: - You will have 2 hours of playing instead of traditional 60 "escape" minutes; at the same time the price of participation will be lower than for a common escape room - You can choose the room you're playing out of 20 options - You can always switch the room if the team is stuck or bored Interested? Join us on Sunday for Boda Borg games! At Boda Borg you'll be transported into other worlds. This is called Questing. Steal a diamond from a museum or go into a mine where hidden dangers lurk far beneath the grounds. Be a space hero, a farmer, a submarine captain or a pirate - at Boda Borg there is so much more to experience and everything is possible! Quests are perfect for teams of 3-5 people and vary from green, to red and black. Green Quests challenge the mind with low physicality, black Quests are physical, and red Quests are a mix of both. This makes Boda Borg perfect for businesses, families, friends, school classes, and all types of individuals. Everyone can be a hero at Boda Borg! Participants take care of their own entry costs (special price for our community is 28 CHF instead of 30 CHF). See you for a fun day at quest rooms! 2G rule applies! Angaben zur Lokalität: We will meet in front of the entrance to Boda Borg meetup - the largest network of local communities that meet offline about their shared interests and passions - register for this event on